Change Comes With the Right Tools

Do you want to change something in your life? Perhaps you want to change a bad habit or a situation that’s dragging you? Maybe you want to help someone in his or her struggle to change something in life?

As for me, I do want to change a lot of things. But it is not that easy as pressing the keys A-B-C or Do-Re-Mi on the keyboard. It is difficult!

But the thing is that, when we triumph over that difficulty in changing the things we want to change in our life, then it would really be a victory!

As my friend snoozes to sleep after his tiring trip, I grabbed an old Kerygma magazine on the shelf and started reading. As I turned to a page, I’ve read Bo Sanchez’s article “Who’s Afraid of Change?”

He shares that there are wrong tools and right tools used to realize change – it maybe something in your life or somebody else’s life. The wrong tools, which are being used unfortunately by many, are facts, fear, and force.

See why a doctor who knows the life damaging effects of smoking still burns a stick in his mouth. He knows the facts but why doesn’t he change? Why does he smoke despite all the facts you (or he) can think of? Why does a man who has been warned that his days on this earth are going to end soon unless and until he stops his unhealthy eating habits? Or how about you in grade school being threatened or forced by your “monster” teacher to do ‘this and that’ or simply sit and shut up? You may be so quiet when that teacher comes but you shout out loud and even cheer more when she goes out of the class. Alright, it might not be you. It might have been your classmates. I had classmates like that before. Good for me, I had no issues with my teachers before. (To my teachers, I thank you.) They seem to be biased when I had a bit of misbehavior. (Kidding!)

So you see, these tools do not work. Facts, fear, or foce do not work. You may object and say, “It does work!” Oh yes, it does but only for a short while. The effect is not sustainable. People change because of facts, fear, or force but after some days or weeks, they go back to their old lives.

Do you see these people? Did you have experiences like this when you were trying to change something in your life but it is simply not working? Not simply, but painfully not working.

But here’s the good news. We can really change. Yes, we can change using the right tools. Here they are: Relate. Repeat. Reframe.

“And do it in an emotional relationship of hope.”


Bo Sanchez shared the gargantuan difference between how a certain Dean Ornish practices his healing by teaching his patients, being with them, living with them and maintaining a personal relationship – as against to merely performing a bypass operation and presenting the facts – with the doctor saying something like, “Your artery is clogged. You need to have a bypass. You’ve got to do this and that.”

“Dr. Edward Miller, CEO of Johns Hopkins Hospital and the dean of the medical school of John Hopkins University says that two years after the bypass operation of patients, study after study say that 90 percent do not change lifestyle.”

Astonishingly, on the other hand, 70 percent of the patients of Dean Ornish would have maintained their new lifestyle. “They would still exercise, eat healthy food, and do meditation and yoga.”

It was all because he used the right tools. He had an emotional relationship with them. He lived with them, developed a habit with them through repetition, and he reframed their thinking in the right way. Again: relate, repeat, reframe.

Look at changed people. You can see this pattern. You see the pattern where relationships, repetition, and reframing of thinking played in the arena of their story of changed life.

Review your relationships. In an emotional way, revisit it. Link it why you have to change this or that. Seek your emotional why.

Seek help from good friends. They can help. Be a good friend to someone else. Nurture yourself with this message with the help of a support group.

Sow this message to others.

Change something by starting a new habit. Develop it. They say that habits are formed in 20 to 30 days. And consistency and repetition is the key. If you break it, don’t stop. Just keep on doing it with all your effort until you do it effortlessly.

Reframe your way of thinking. Reframe your thoughts. Keep on feeding your mind with good resources. Read books. Read magazines (even old ones). Attend seminars. Keep on learning. Open your mind to God’s wisdom.

Once again, to see the change coming, use the right tools: Relate. Repeat. Reframe.


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a trainer and speaker on personal and organizational leadership. His latest book ‘Living Large in the Little Things’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, email him at or visit his website at


Sweet Stories

If only I could capture all their words, emotions, and stories, I would. But I couldn’t.


Allow me to simply share with you a glimpse of some of those.

In the recent trainings I have been conducting, I have met different individuals with different stories. One may call these stories as stories of transformation. I simply call them sweet stories – of better lives, with renewed hope and empowered dreams.

One of them, let’s call him Daniel, shared that before the training, it was as if his life is just going round and round like a tread mill. Now, he reconnected with his dreams and have clearer goals. He now has a direction.


Another, let’s call him Arnold, demonstrated his dedication and commitment to the training. Even if he has difficulty with the English language and in some of the lessons, he persevered in understanding them, asking questions and sharing his ideas.

Mandy, also from the group, encouraged her fellow trainees and told them that they are now different persons compared to who they were before the training.


Two trainees, who were before doing drugs, showed their dedication in the training and verbalized that they are not their past anymore and that they are now ready to move forward to the future.

Candy also shared how negative she was in the past; today, she is more positive.

Anda, a sister-Moslem, conveyed how broke she was because of what happened in Marawi (where she came from). She also shared how she had been going to different establishments to apply for work only to be rejected (unsure if it were because she is overqualified or because of her origin or religion). During the training, she exemplified good character and positive attitude. She actively participated in the training. Today, she is one of the encouragers and leaders of her co-trainees.

John and Leah were at first hesitant to lead and share what they have. After the first two to three days of the training, they demonstrated leadership abilities – helping their co-trainees, organizing the class to form their presentation, and leading the class to more harmonious and meaningful activities.

There are still more of them. More whose stories may not have been captured but whose smiles and words of gratitude remained painted in my heart and will be treasured.

These sweet stories are really sweet to hear. If only we can zoom in their lives more, we would. But perhaps, we don’t have to. What’s more important is that we are reminded that regardless of where we were, where we came from, we have the power to change the course of our lives to something better and brighter.

We can scribble sweet stories… if we choose to.


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis
(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is trainer and speaker on communication and personal leadership. His latest book titled ‘Living Large in the Little Things’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, email him at or visit his website at

Embrace the Earth

My thoughts were flying while I was watching the clouds dance with the blue waters. From my window seat, I was looking at those white bubbles above the vast ocean.

Then I whispered, “It’s been a while since I paused and pondered.” Then I pulled my left hand to close my laptop and tilted how I seated to gaze and enjoy the view down below.


As my eyes swim in those blue waters and jump on those tiny islands, I marveled in awe and realized how I missed doing so.

For months, I forgot to appreciate the wonder of nature – the sky, the waters, the islands, the sands. I got busy in the minutiae of tasks that I ignored to engage with the environment and embrace the earth.

As I continue writing this piece, I was in my room in one of the pension houses in Sabang here in the island of Palawan. Just this morning, I put on my shorts, walked outside, removed my slippers, and ran barefoot along the shoreline.


I felt the sands insert their elements in between my toes and the sea breeze blow my face. I listened to the waves rushing to the shore and as I moved further close to the mangroves, I heard them bumping the mighty rocks on the side and then slowly sliding back to the sea – its body.


As I experienced the environment once again, I got refreshed. I felt connected. I felt the joy in my heart. And I saw the vision of my dreams once again and got excited of what the future may bring.

My phone alarm sounded off signalling me that it’s already seven o’clock. I ran back to where I started, put on my slippers and walked back. I rushed to take a shower, put on my new clothes, new smile, and new energy to go for another day.

While I was writing this, I was in Puerto Princesa conducting training for the young minds. Just the week before, I was in Mindanao doing the same thing.

It is always with joy and passion whenever I conduct training. But there are also times it becomes tiring. At times, I forget the reason why I do training. At times, I forget my mission to empower the young minds!

I am thankful for those moments I described above, those moments that I am able to engage with the environment and embrace the earth. It gets me re-connected.

My friend, experience it yourself – whether in the mountains or by the sea, the flowers or the trees, the sands or the soil…

Embrace the earth!


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a trainer and speaker on communication, and on personal and organizational leadership. His latest book Living Large in the Little Things where this article was taken is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, email him at or visit his website at

Your Two Faces

All of us have two faces – not that we are two-faced (that’s different). It is but because we are humans. And humans are individual beings and social beings. That means you and I – as individuals – have a private face, and as social beings – you and I have a public face.


Let me give you a personal example –

When I am not in a social setting, my private face is on. Actually, when I was way much younger than how young I am today, even in social settings, my private face was still on. It took me years before I was able to make the switch. (But I’m going ahead of my story.)

I am an introvert. As I learned from my fellow introvert Susan Cain who wrote the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Does Not Stop Talking, introverts process their thoughts inwardly and they gain and recharge energy often in quiet, solitary moments. As introverts, our energy gets drained in highly interactive environments especially when there are very loud sounds which some may call music.

With my introverted nature, I enjoyed doing the job of the famous accountant. Our job is exciting! If you disagree, why don’t you watch the movie The Accountant. You see, our profession is a Hollywood material. (Ahem! That movie has nothing to do with my article.)

It was in 2010 when I became part of a professional firm in Makati as an associate consultant. In 2011, I transferred to another company and served as one of their accountants. I had a productive three and a half years with them.

After my job at the office doing lots of tasks facing the computer, I would go home and face again my computer. I would write and write and write articles. When I was not writing, I was reading. And when I was not reading, I was writing.

Do you see the evidence of my introversion? I was living with my private face that I even carried it with me in social settings. I would go to events with a book in my hand. And I would read it. Yes, during events. You may think I was anti-social – but that was putting it mildly.

However, my private face forced me to put on my public face.

Do you remember those written pieces through the years? In 2013, they became a book called The Gift of the Ordinary. I was able to fund its publishing from the generous bonus I received that year for being an excellent accountant at work. The second book came in 2014. And in 2016, my latest book Living Large in the Little Things came out.

I just realized that my private face supports my public face – not just in the content production (e.g. book) but also in financial terms (e.g. publishing fund).

Yes, part of my public face is a self-published author of three books.

But as someone who values and yearns for learning and empowerment, I had no choice but to be filled with lots of learning in my private endeavor of non-stop reading, listening and observing. I became pregnant with knowledge, information and wisdom (without the gray hairs on my head). Because of this I have longed to share them and through them, I have yearned to educate and empower my fellow young minds.

This led me to another part of my public face – a public speaker and trainer.

Whenever I am on stage, some would think that I am naturally outgoing and outspoken. The truth is I wasn’t. Privately and publicly when I am not speaking or training, my private face is on – as an introverted handsome young man. (Ahem! Sorry, I just have to put that in.)

But if I am outgoing and outspoken on stage, it is because of those moments when – as an introvert – I was silent, pondering and assimilating words, thoughts, concepts, ideas and insights from my readings, conversations and observations.

Through time, while I never disclaimed by private face, I never thought that it will enable me to put on my public face. In fact, my public face was the fruit of the seeds being planted as I wear my private face.

My private and public faces are simply two phases or stages of my one true face.

Why did I share my two faces?

Some people think that their private face is a sickness, a disabler, a stumbling block that they abhor it and try to put on a face that is not theirs. Stop it!

My friend, your private face brings sanity to your soul. You private face can be your enabler. Your private face can be your stepping stone.

So put on your true face and live it. In time, your public face will come out shining and you will thank your private face for it.

Friend, live your true face.


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a speaker and trainer on communication, and on personal and organizational leadership. His latest book Living Large in the Little Things is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, you may email him at or visit his website at

What Do You Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing It

“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. And I am a man.”

Bo Sanchez

The wise Bo Sanchez shared that he tells this to himself in times that he don’t feel like doing the thing he had to do. He said he modeled it from somebody. He borrowed it from somebody.


It struck me that he also has those times. I realized that even the deeply spiritual and prolific man that he is, he also faces those times. The prayerful and high performer that he is, he too has those feelings – feelings like that one you and I feel when we don’t feel like doing the things we need to do. After all, he is also a human being just like you and me.


But what does he do during those times? Exactly that. He tells that statement to himself and then do what he has to do. Because as that statement says, “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” And he is a man!


You and I should model this too. Yes, we can borrow it too. The actions we need to do should be done because they must be done. And they should be done even during those times that we don’t feel like doing them.


Yes, discipline has to come into play. Decision has to interplay with the emotion. While emotions are part of us, sometimes we have to override those emotions and make the decision to proceed despite not having that feeling of motivation. Let us not make an excuse and say, “I don’t have the motivation to do it.” No!


Because here’s the beauty of motivation: it comes as you go move into action. While we often start to do things with the feeling of motivation, there are times we need to proceed in spite of the seemingly absence of motivation. Because the magic is that as you move into action, motivation comes along.


So when you don’t feel like doing that thing you are required to do — tell yourself, “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. And I am a man!”


And then go do it!


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis
(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a trainer and speaker on communication and leadership. His latest book ‘Living Large in the Little Things’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, email him at or visit his website

10 Essentials to Build Your Business

This is a special blog entry today. Let’s talk about business!

In every business, there are essentials that must be present in order to achieve results. Today, let me share with you what Brendon Burchard calls the 10 Essentials for a Multi-Million Dollar Expert Empire.

Before you brush off the idea, let me tell you that even if your business is not yet at the millionaire’s table, these also apply. It is also applicable to other types of business (not just in the expert industry).


1. SUBJECT. You need to identify your niche and own it. Whether you are in the intangible or tangible business, you have to identify your subject. What do you love to learn? Where are you excelling at? What are the things that you love to talk about and teach? What is that which you can make money from? Identify it and own it.

2. STORIES. You need a brand. And stories differentiate you and your brand. Your story helps you build and tell your credibility. It also helps in establishing connection.

3. STRATEGIES. In business, it is important to have systems. These may be systems that you sell or systems that help you sell or create goods and services. These strategies may also be seen in how you package your products and/or how you deliver them.

4. SALEABLE PRODUCTS. Are your products defined? And are your products saleable? These are two basic questions that you have to answer.

5. SALES PROCESS. Do you have a process that leads you to make a sale? This includes your marketing campaigns. Is there a way that you are connecting with your customers and prospective customers? How are they being informed of what you are offering? What happens when they decide to avail of the product or service that you offer?

6. SOCIAL PRESENCE. Even how wonderful your product is, if it is not known, then it is useless. Do you have a social presence? Actual presence? Virtual presence? Are you using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Do you have a website?

7. SYSTEM AND STRUCTURE. Efficiency and effectiveness are big things in business. They may spell a profit or a loss. Do you have an efficient and effective system and structure?

8. SELF-CONFIDENCE. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? If you don’t believe in what you offer, who will? Begin trusting yourself and what you have to offer. If is something that you don’t trust, then do something to improve it into something that you trust — to a point that you have no other choice but to offer it to help other people.

9. SELF-DISCIPLINE. Entrepreneurship is difficult but rewarding. To claim the rewards, it is important to stay disciplined. To honor the process and the struggle. And to keep on doing the necessary until the results come.

10. SERVICE-MINDSET. You are in here to help people. You care for them. You love them. This is the mindset that you and I have. As entrepreneurs, we create wealth by bringing value to the community.

Go, bring value! And be of help to the community.


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a speaker, trainer, and writer on personal and organizational leadership. His latest book ‘Living Large in the Little Things’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, email him at or visit Like him on Facebook at

Look for Those Priceless Rewards

As they were performing on stage, I was smiling from ear to ear as I whispering to myself, “This is the priceless reward that a trainer like me receives.” It is that moment when you see your trainees shine and beam with confidence, as they celebrate and get excited for a brighter future ahead of them.

That day was the conclusion of a 9-day training we conducted for them. We ought to help them become job and life ready by equipping them with some key knowledge and skills while also influencing their hearts and minds with positive attitude and values to live by.

There was a girl, let’s call her Joy. She wrote a letter to me and expressed her deep thanks for the learning she gained. Joy said she just joined the program because she is going to receive some monetary reward and that she got excited of the free meals during the training. Her motivation was purely external and shallow. But during the training, she was one of the most participative and engaged trainees. She was raising her hand and speaking her mind. In moments that not everybody agreed with her, she stood by what she believed. She declared, “Yes, I would do that way before but now that we are learning, I will do otherwise. I will choose the right thing.” In her letter, she ended saying that she is going to change for the better – it started during the training.

As I read those words, I whispered, “This is a priceless reward.”

There was another trainee, let’s call him John. He was simply observing at first. But two days later, John emerged as a person with initiative and even one of those helping the team form and polish the graduation presentation. The other day he sent me a message saying, “Thank you, sir, for the knowledge. I was able to apply it earlier during my job interview.”

As I replied to him, I whispered, “This is a priceless reward.”

Most of the trainees were silent and non-participative at first. But after some time, they spoke their hearts out, shared their insights and stories. At first, when asked about their goals or jobs they want to apply for, they were unclear. But after discussing some of the modules, we asked them to make their action plans in creative forms.

As they posted their output on the board, I was amazed and delighted. I told them, “This is more than enough payment for my time, effort and service to you. I am elated looking at your dreams, goals and aspirations.” And then I whispered, “This is a priceless reward.”

So there I was, back at my chair, watching them present on stage. I looked back at the days as they were demonstrating the growth and improvement in their attitude, behavior, appearance, and in how and what they communicate. All these were amplified during the graduation day.

I looked up, smiled and said, “This is a priceless reward.”

I was physically exhausted after two weeks of training these young minds but the joy that I felt in my heart will linger beyond two weeks after this.

My friend, whatever you do in your job or business, look for those priceless rewards. They shall linger and last more than the time that any monetary or external reward will ever stay.

16 Priceless Reward.jpg

I pray that you see those priceless rewards of life.


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a speaker, trainer, and writer on personal and organizational leadership. His latest book ‘Living Large in the Little Things’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, email him at or visit Like him on Facebook at

Your Tragedy Can Be Your Treasure

Have you experienced tragedies in your life? If yes, congratulations! It confirms that you are human! I wonder if you were one of those from outer space.

Tragedies come to us in different forms – mistakes, misses, rejections. They also come in varying intensity – small hurt, medium hurt, large hurt. At times, they come extra-large. Even those that are extra-small still hurt us.

But as I live my life and go through different forms and levels of tragedies, I realized that they can become treasurers. Yes, your tragedy can be your treasure.


Let me share with you three experiences that were painful to me but later led me into something precious.

First, I applied for the scholarship offered by the provincial government, I was not chosen.

I was about to enter college then and I was a bit worried where to source my education fund. My family was so helpful but we cannot deny that we were in lack. The friendly and supportive Ate Elnora shared with me the news that the provincial government is offering financial assistance to economically challenged yet deserving students.

“Apply for this. There is a big chance you will be accepted,” she said.

She helped me craft my application letter and prepare the necessary documents for the scholarship. You should have seen how impressive it was. But those did not matter anymore when I was told, “They chose the other applicant.”

I don’t mind him getting the scholarship because he also deserved it but I mind not getting one for myself. I was hurt.

Nevertheless, I had to continue with my plans and attended college. I looked for scholarship options. And because I had no choice, I just had to do my best in school so I would become an academic scholar. For several terms, I landed the Dean’s List – which means 30% off the tuition. At times, we made it as College Scholars – which means 100% off the tuition.

To someone looking for funds for school, that tragedy pushed me to study hard and find treasures in other vaults.

Second, I applied to become an accounting teacher at my Alma Mater, I was turned down.

I have passion for teaching. And people say I am skilled in it. But despite having the credentials and good professional relationship with the University where I graduated as cum laude, I did not make it.

“How could this be possible? They know my credentials. I was not just performing academically but also in leading student organizations,” I questioned why I was not accepted. But today I am thankful because after that rejection, I went back to work in Makati where I found a job in a multinational company, been a consistent top performer, and promoted as the youngest supervisor. Outside of work, I have met different prolific people who became good mentors and friends.

That tragedy led me to keep on working and find other treasures in other fields.

Third, I first delivered a seminar in a professional group in Bonifacio Global City, two of the participants said they should have invited a different speaker.

To speak professionally was just a dream then. And then came my first invitation to talk outside the group where I practice my speaking. I was so eager and excited. I prepared for it.

After the event, I requested for a copy of the evaluation. When the seemingly good evaluation came, it arrived with a sting! One said it was obvious that I was a beginner (that sounded like a pre-beginner) and another said that they should have invited a different speaker (that sounded like I had no business speaking to them at all). While only two of the forty plus participants said those, it stung! At a certain level, they were correct. Maybe I was trying to mimic someone else, I was not totally myself, and I had lots of papers in front to guide me as I go along.

But I also gave me heart and preparation for them. It was not fair. I did not understand.

However, that experience led me to push myself to prepare for every presentation I will give that I won’t have to depend on stacks of paper in front of me. That if I will present, I will be there fully present, giving my all.

To date, I have been giving talks and trainings with full heart and presence without being so dependent on any written script.

That experience of pain led me to grow in my skills and confidence. That tragedy led me to push myself hard to unearth a treasure I have to share.

What are you tragedies? What are your mistakes, misses and rejections? If you look at them, they have served in you ways you did not even expect. If you review your life events, your tragedies have become your treasures.

But how about the others? How those tragedies that do not even make sense? Even for me, there are tragedies that still don’t make sense to me. But I still believe that one day, they will make sense. They will become treasures.

If you don’t seem to see a treasure coming from them, then do something today so that your tragedy yesterday will become a treasure tomorrow. It was. It is. And it will be.


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a speaker, trainer, and writer on personal and organizational leadership. His latest book ‘Living Large in the Little Things’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, email him at or visit )

On Achieving the Highest Norm in Toastmasters

Staring at the blank window of my laptop, thinking of how I will turn my waiting time into a productive one, I googled “presentation tips.”

“I want to be able to present my audit findings in an effective manner,” I whispered as I clicked on the link to the article. After reading through three articles, Toastmasters was mentioned.  

chris tm

“What was that? Is that about speaking, bread toasting, or wine toasting?”

My eager fingers danced across the keyboard, pressed enter, and voila: I found the Toastmasters website ( Through its ‘Find a Club’ function, I found a club near my place that meets on a Saturday at 6pm. “This is a perfect fit to my schedule and location.”

I visited IAME & Associates Toastmasters Club. I was surprised at how friendly and accommodating they were. They greeted me with warm handshakes. (I was hoping there were fruit shakes, too! But none was served. Oh good snacks, they have!)

The meeting (a different kind of meeting) came with moving speeches, lots of laughter, and friendly and constructive evaluation. On that same night, I also delivered my first impromptu speech (called Table Topics) in Toastmasters. Boy, I was terrified but thrilled. How’s that possible? I don’t know. But I liked what I experienced.

It felt home that I had no choice but to join.

I became a Toastmaster member in 2010, month of June.

Weeks after, I excitedly (I meant, nervously) delivered my Ice Breaker speech. Thanks to the very heart-warming and helpful evaluator assigned to me. His words that night, affirmed by the VPEducation and the other members of the club, pushed me to run forward in delivering my speech projects. He started the mighty throng of evaluators that came my path whose words touched my heart and stirred my young mind to continue growing my voice, my passion, my skills in communication and leadership.

From doing all the projects in the Competent Communication manual to the advanced manuals, from Sergeant-at-Arms role to President to VP Public Relations to Area Governor positions — credit them to the persistent prodding of my mentor. As an obedient soldier, I said my yes’es to these communication and leadership projects. Oh yes, including speech contests. From winning them to learning more of what’s in store in them! Man, there was a lot I didn’t know.

Shifts in my career path brought me back home to the mountains of Benguet and to now my home club in Baguio – Pines City Toastmasters Club. There I found another supportive and nurturing environment.  


I continued running my marathon of speeches, evaluations and leadership roles in Pines City Toastmasters Club… and in the other clubs in Baguio City: Baguio Funshine, Synergy, and Baguio Ecozone Toastmasters Clubs.

Here I found great Toastmaster fellows, speech champions, dynamic speakers, and dedicated learners (both young and not so young).

Toastmasters helped me to become a speaker, trainer and author.

Seven years have passed already. There a lot more stories I can share that this article cannot contain. These stories continue to be written as they continue to unfold…

As I get busy spreading the gift of Toastmasters, helping others become better communicators and leaders, serving people to become better versions of themselves, awards and certificates come. And today, the highest norm or educational award given to Toastmasters called the Distinguished Toastmaster is bestowed to yours truly, your friend – Chris.

I am delighted because behind this certificate or title is a journey of growth of developing myself, of helping others, of honing my voice, of inspiring others, of unwrapping my gift and being of service to other people.

Yes, after seven years, I am now a Distinguished Toastmaster but the learning and service has just begun. Inside and outside of Toastmasters. I will still stay to continue learning with Toastmasters but moving more outside of Toastmasters, outside the meeting rooms, out to the community!

I continue to spread this gift of Toastmasters. Join us in Toastmasters – WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE.


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis


(Chris Dao-anis is now the VP Education of Pines City Toastmasters Club. For more info, visit If you are outside Baguio City, visit the international website at Chris is an author of three books to date. The latest one, Living Large in the Little Things, is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, you can reach him at or visit his website at You can also like his page at

Rules of Achievement

It pays to know the rule. In an exam, it pays to know the instructions.

I once had a business law professor who is very particular with the law. He was the one who hammered in my mind the legal maxim “Dura Lex Sed Lex” (The law may be harsh but it is the law).

One exam, his instruction was to use capital letters. And so I obliged. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I. Wait, how do you write a capital letter I? I just drew a big, big line! Very easy, right? Yes, but I made a mistake. According to him, the letter “I” should be an “I” that has a head and a base.

What’s worse is that there are a lot of I’s in the answers. I failed that preliminary exam because I didn’t fully understand his rule. (I did my best to eventually pass the subject but that’s another story.)

It pays to understand rules, right? Thankfully, the three rules of achievement that I know are not that harsh. They are simple, not easy – but simple.

How? Let me share with you three simple rules: Allot, Align, Announce.



First, allot. Allot time for what you want to accomplish. We are guided by the maxim, “What gets in your calendar gets done.” So schedule it.

For example, you may already plot your projects or events in your Google calendar. You can even add reminders that will alarm you when they are about to come. Now that’s even an added benefit for your high-tech smartphone.

In Toastmasters, I would usually schedule my speeches. Last year, I scheduled my speeches according to the schedules of our club and three other clubs. Sometimes, due to changes in activities, I won’t be able to deliver on my personal schedule but that’s ok. I just have to adjust. But having them in my calendar is already a step closer to their achievement. And most of those I scheduled were done as intended.

Second, align. Your different activities do not have to contradict with each other. You can actually align them and uphold that age-old maxim, “Hit two birds with one stone.”

Let me give another example of what I do in Toastmasters, a public speaking club that is outside of my previous work as an accountant. When I served as the Area 76 Governor, I need to visit clubs in Makati and Taguig. I also need to help them go for their goals. But I also want to finish my speech projects while serving in a leadership role. What I did was to get the advanced manual called Speeches by Management – thus, aligning to my role. One project there is to deliver a status report.  So I scheduled a speech in my home club, presented the mid-year status of its Distinguished Club Program goals, and rallied them to finish strong as President’s Distinguished Club. After the meeting, I finished one speech project and I fulfilled one task as Area Governor.

Yes, there are ways on how you can align your activities and hit two or three or even four birds with one stone.

Third, announce. You’ve probably heard the concept of declaring your dreams – sharing it to your best friend, accountability partner, or to the world. When you announce it, you are making yourself accountable. And this helps you to go achieve it! You have to because you are a man and woman of your word.

Years ago, I simply told a friend that I will write a book. In my mind, I also calendared it. Before I turned 25, it happened – my first book came out in December 2013.

But what if you will miss the mark? That’s ok. In my second book, I wrote there that I was aiming to achieve the highest norm in Toastmasters called Distinguished Toastmaster in 2015. Did I make it? No, not in that year. But this year, it is coming.

Announce your goals and you will be one step closer to their achievement.

My friend, these three rules of achievement – allot, align, and announce – are very much simple but they are powerful. Apply them. Don’t be afraid to make mistake. Don’t be afraid of not having the head and the base for your letter “I.” Just go and proceed to achieve. Because in real life-life learning, there is no failure, only progress.

Soon, in that appointed time, you will achieve your goals. Because that is your nature. You are an achiever!


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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