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I am Chris Dao-anis, author of three books to date and will continue to write books to empower you, the young minds.

Chris Dao-anis as the Contest Master during the D75 Toastmasters Mid-Year Convention [Photo courtesy of Ed Fabonan]

I am a Certified Public Accountant who shifted from engaging in several ‘process improvement’ initiatives in the corporate world to ‘people improvement’ endeavors through my books, blogs, talks and trainings.

  • I aspire to help aspiring and young professionals become better communicators and leaders so that they can contribute more to their companies and communities.

My Background

For five years, I worked with big companies in the country’s business district in Makati City. I started with one of the top auditing-accounting firms and later moved to a multinational ship-management company. I was involved in accounting but more so on process improvement.

With the guidance of my superiors plus personal elements of hard work and smart work, I was able to cope with the tough demands and challenging working environment in those companies. My voyage was filled with turbulence and trials but there were tons of treasures, too. My performance paid off as I received salary raises and bonuses as I got promoted in the company that I served. Before I left the company, I suppose I was the youngest supervisor in the group.

Perhaps my passion in process improvement has helped me a lot in my performance. Later on, I came to a realization that no matter how you improve processes, another ingredient should never be forgotten – an aspect that I am more passionate about – this is what I call people improvement.

This is evident when you are in the corporate world which often adapts the ‘sink-or-swim’ approach specially to young associates, supervisors, or even managers. But I felt it doesn’t have to be this way. There are skills and knowledge that we can gain – even before we are faced to the situation – to be better equipped so that when we face a certain situation, we can make better decisions and better actions. This is even affirmed when I participated in a Leadership Development Program which content was provided by Harvard Business Publishing. I think that even without a Harvard study, there is the need for learning especially in the fields of communication and leadership for these young professionals.

This fueled my aspiration. I felt that my mission is something bigger but in this particular ‘project,’ I decided to focus on this certain who I relate most with.

My Aspiration

I wanted to help the young minds, particularly the aspiring and young professionals, become better communicators and leaders so they can contribute more to their companies and communities.

This gave me more inspiration to keep on writing blogs and books and started giving seminars, talks and trainings. As a result, I have this blogsite, I have authored three books so far (The Gift of the Ordinary7 Keys to Achieve Your Aspirations, and Living Large in the Little Things.).

In these written and spoken pieces that I create and share, I always strive to give empowering practical lessons in simple stories, strategies, and scenarios that you can relate and understand.

My Beginnings

In 1987, I was born in the small town of Kibungan up in the highlands. I first learned the grandeur of life through the towering mountains of Benguet in the Cordilleras. There, I enjoyed my first two decades in adventurous treks and trails.

Immediately after my college education and after passing the licensure exam for Certified Public Accountants, I went to Makati City where I stayed and worked for half a decade.


My Mentors

While coping with the new and tough environment in the City, I sought for instruction and inspiration, for education and empowerment, for learning and support.

This is where I met prolific people in likes of Bo Sanchez, who I consider a life and financial mentor. I’d say that I have grown a lot through his books and his talks. When I was in Makati, I have been attending the weekly Feasts (a prayer meeting of the Light of Jesus Family where everyone is invited) that he leads and the Kerygma Conference (a huge Catholic inspirational event).

I have joined his Truly Rich Club, attended his Wealth Summits, and got into his courses for speakers and authors. In these events, I have gained wisdom from the great minds of Edward Lee, Rex Mendoza, Larry Gamboa, Dean Pax Lapid, and Junnie Torreja – the mastermind group of Bo – who share their experience and know-how generously.

In these avenues, I also have seen up-close stars like Miriam Quiambao, Ai Ai de las Alas, and Karen Davila who also shared their success-and-turn-around stories and financial practices. Successful young entrepreneurs also inspired me as I learned from their sharing – the likes of Marco Victoria, Sha Nacino, and JanMck Hilado. Brilliant businessmen also shared the stages in these events and it is now up to the participants to grasp the lessons and apply them in their lives.

Somehow, I was able to absorb showers of their sharing and apply them in my life. Through them, I have grown in mindset (way of thinking), manners (habits), and moves (actions and strategies).

In the field of communication, Bo Sanchez’s SuccessSpeakersClub, with the directorship of Arun Gogna, also had provided priceless learning on public speaking.

This enhanced my growth in communication and leadership as I journeyed with Toastmasters since 2010. With Toastmasters, aside from being a ‘student’ of communication, I also became a ‘student’ of leadership as I served as officer (Sergeant-at-Arms, Vice President-Public Relations, Club President, and Area Governor).

I have been delivering speeches inside and outside Toastmasters. I have joined speech contests – I won some while I lost some where I learned some more. The multitude of talents in Toastmasters – from everyday Toastmaster Heroes masked in different faces of members to World Champions like Darren LaCroix and Ed Tate – have also contributed greatly to my development.

During the 2016 District 75 (Philippines) Toastmasters Convention, there came the announcement, “The 2nd Runner for the International Speech Contest… Chris Dao-anis!”

Successful men and women have been coming my way and they were blessings unfolding. I just needed to be alert to identify them. There’s even a bonus mode of having mentors today through the internet. Through their online videos, articles, and books, I have received guidance from the likes of Brendon Burchard, John Maxwell, Joel Osteen and many others.


My Role

With all these learning that I gain and continue to gain, my role is to pay forward — as I help aspiring and young professionals become better communicators and leaders so they can contribute more to their companies and communities.

The theme of my books, talks, and trainings revolve around these three:

  • Career and Communication
  • Leadership and Personal Brand
  • Practical Pursuit of Passion

My Audience

Readers of my books and blog articles are diverse and widely distributed.

As to my talks, I have spoken to groups of students at the Jose Rizal University in Mandaluyong, Tarlac State University in Tarlac, Saint Louis College in San Fernando-La Union, University of the Cordilleras and University of Baguio, STI-Baguio in Baguio City, and Cordillera Career Development College and San Jose High School in La Trinidad, Benguet. I have also addressed some groups belonging to the 2nd Signal Battalion of the Philippine Army, another special group, and the also hardworking people of DSWD-Kalahi CIDSS, DepEd and BFAR. It was also an honor to be in a seminar series given to the priests and seminarians of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan through the team Toastmasters for Christ. 

We also organize our own events where students, fresh graduates, and young professionals have attended. I have delivered workshops to them on public speaking, communicating effectively in the workplace, enhancing communication skills for job interviews and work settings, jumpstarting your career, investing basics and developing your personal brand. I was happy to serve them and they are happy to have me as well. I have received invitations from them to speak again in their stages.

I was also given the chance to join the training team of the Institute for Integrality in conducting Jobstart Philippines Life Skills Training, a project by the Department of Labor and Employment to prepare the out-of-school-youth to be job ready. Yes, they are also young minds and I’m happy to be of help to them through this project.

Empowering young minds, it is!

If you think I could be of help, I will be happy to serve you and your group as well. You can email me at or visit

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I hope you found value in this blog and the other sites mentioned. I hope to journey with you in your pursuit to grow in life particularly in the fields of communication (for example: communication in the workplace, articulating your strength, public speaking) and leadership (which by the way covers a lot of aspects to even included personal branding, personal leadership, and personal finance). This and a whole lot more!

Let’s join hands and grow together. I’m excited for you!

Lead and live,

Chris Dao-anis / CPA, DTM